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Think twice before buying produce for the holiday season

The other day, I went to the grocery store searching for some fresh produce to make some pozole, and as I was there trying to get my herbs, peppers, and other necessary items to make my sauce, I suddenly started reflecting. I became scared as I was picking what bunch of herbs to get. It's crazy how you would find me looking and trying to get the biggest piece possible a few years back, and now I was standing there trying to find the smallest.

Most of the items I needed were Mexican, and I found myself questioning. How long has this been here? Why is it so big? What's that white powder on it? Why is it just less than $1 a bunch when the bunch is probably 3X bigger than the ones we have at our garden?

And I wondered if other people also think about all of this as they are strolling through the grocery store aisles trying to get ingredients for their dinner on their way home.

Often, this is not something we think about while we go grocery shopping. Let alone analyze the whole process the ingredients in our meals go through.

As we think about all the meals we will prepare during the holidays, let's think about this process. I invite you all to build consciousness around our food and all that goes into it, to make sure we enjoy our meals with a bit of consciousness. Take some time with your family, and together think and talk about all those who touched your food before making it to your table. Consider the time, the conditions, and all it takes.

Without food, we wouldn't survive. So I invite you today to buy nutritional food grown with sustainable methods. I am almost sure that white powder on the Epazote was pesticide residue, and we are all feeding ourselves with that, which long term is damaging ourselves.

If you would like to learn more about our food justice program, please click here:⠀

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