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Immigrant workers, especially undocumented immigrant workers, are particularly vulnerable to workplace abuses.

Migrant workers in the United States have rights, regardless of their immigration status.

Worker's Rights: Text

CATA’s organizing work helps them to address:

  • Wage Theft

  • Workplace Discrimination

  • Unfair Firings

  • Unsafe/Unsanitary Conditions


CATA Members are also participate in advocacy work to improve working conditions for all workers including:

  • Raising the Minimum Wage

  • Paid Time Off and Sick Leave

  • Collective Bargaining Protections


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CATA Trains 17 New Workers' Rights Ambassadors to Empower and Advocate

CATA just concluded its second Workers Rights Ambassadors Training with 17 participants completing the intensive 12-hour program led by CATA staff. Throughout the training, participants learned about the history of workers' rights, familiarized themselves with federal and state laws protecting workers, and learned about regulatory agencies that can provide support. They also shared many of their own experiences facing injustices in the workplace and how prevalent abuses are still, especially for immigrant workers.

One of the highlights of the training was the emphasis on organizing and its crucial role in advocating for change. Armed with comprehensive knowledge and a deeper understanding of workers' rights, these ambassadors are now better equipped to support workers in their community and advocate for the change they deserve. Together, they will be able to empower workers and help others advocate for safe, fair, and just working conditions


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