CATA’s is creating lasting change in farm and migrant workers' living and working conditions. Will you join us?


We are improving workers and immigrant rights and promoting food Justice in Maryland, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. We work with volunteers, and donors, providing a platform for you to make a more significant, more profound difference. Join us today. Change doesn’t happen without you.

Visit for contact information for your federal, state and local elected officials. You can also be directly connected to US representatives by calling 202-225-3121 and US senators by calling 202-224-3121. 

New Jersey Legislation

Support the efforts of the Recovery for All Coalition to win permanent protections for the immigrant community

In New Jersey, grassroots and community organizations have been fighting since the beginning of the pandemic for the state to take responsibility for providing support to communities excluded from other forms of pandemic assistance, such as the COVID-19 stimulus payments and Pandemic Unemployment.


As a result of the efforts of the Recovery for All Coalition, the Excluded New Jerseyans Fund was established with 40 million dollars, and in the 2022 budget, Governor Murphy has proposed the creation of an additional fund with $53 million. 

Pennsylvania Legislation

"The immigrant community needs the State of NJ to fund a permanent safety net. The Excluded New Jerseyan's Fund and the Governor's new proposed fund are welcome steps. Still, we know that to achieve equity, our community needs permanent relief that reaches as many people in our community as possible." Jessica Culley, CATA's General Coordinator.


If you'd like to support the efforts of the Recovery for All Coalition to win permanent protections for the immigrant community, send us an email at




Far too many immigrant New Jerseyans and their families live in fear that a routine interaction with law enforcement, a visit to the emergency room, or even a school drop-off will result in separation from their loved ones and deportation.

Tell your state lawmakers: we must build a truly fair and welcoming state for all people – regardless of immigration status. It’s past time for New Jersey to end its participation in the federal detention and deportation machine. That’s why we must pass the Values Act.

Driving PA Forward.png

Driving Pennsylvania Forward!

This bill would amend state law to grant a driver’s license without a Social Security number, enabling undocumented immigrants to receive a learner’s permit or a driver’s license, by using just their taxpayer identification number and some additional documents. Take action now!


The bill - HB 279 - already has 37 co-sponsors! If you live in Pennsylvania, you can check here to see if your representative is supporting!

Now, the coalition is working to move LOTS of calls to our state representatives and handwritten letters! Do you want to support this effort? Please get in touch with Jessica Culley at

Maryland Legislation

Meatpacking Workers Need Protections Now: Support the Protecting America’s Meatpacking Workers Act of 2021

The Bill would provide essential protections to meatpacking workers, including limiting line speed waivers and enhancing protection from retaliation for workers who speak up about conditions. 

CATA's members on the Delmarva Peninsula have long known about the appalling conditions in the meatpacking and poultry processing industry. So, we're proud to support the Protecting America's Meatpacking Workers Act of 2021, introduced by Senator Cory Booker and Representative Ro Khanna, as it seeks to address the needs of workers for safer working conditions and provide stronger protections for those who speak up.

We encourage you to send a letter to your congressional representatives here!

Federal Legislation

H.R.1603 - Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2021

The bill would provide some undocumented farmworkers and their family members with a path to legal immigration status and citizenship, revise the H-2A agricultural guestworker program, and impose mandatory employment verification (“E-verify”) in agriculture.

Passed in the House of Representatives on March 18, 2021CATA is opposed to this bill. We agree that the H-2A program needs to be revised with stronger worker protections and that providing a path to a legal immigration status for farmworkers is a step in the right direction, but not at the expense of other farmworkers and the immigrant community.

CATA Statement

Food Chain Workers Alliance Statement

Action alert to oppose:

Man with Potatoes

Legalization for Essential Workers through Budget Reconciliation

A proposal for a pathway to citizenship that would include Dreamers, TPS holders, farmworkers, and other undocumented essential workers could be done through budget reconciliation process

Budget Reconciliation allows legislation with a tangible fiscal impact to be enacted under special rules providing for limited debate and requiring only a majority vote.

Opportunities for CATA's Members
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CATA's Activism Group

If you are a member of CATA or part of the immigrant community in South Jersey and want to help immigrants and farmworkers have better living and working conditions, fair wages, and be treated with respect and dignity, this group is for you!  We meet once a month virtually, and you can join us using your computer or phone.

You can join from your computer or phone! We meet once a month on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. In Fall, 2022 we will resume our meetings.

In this meeting, there will be room to share ideas, coordinate communications with legislators, learn how to motivate other people to be part of our cause, and formulate action plans. People interested in this group must commit to attending once a month and actively participate during the meeting.



Join our Food Justice Commitee

This Committee is open to CATA members and the immigrant community interested in changing our current food system. 

Our Food Justice program is focused on growing food with sustainable methods that do not rely on pesticides, genetically modified seeds, or machinery that harms our Mother Earth. We meet once a month at our Community Garden in Bridgeton, NJ.


Participants can join the community gardens, learn how to be part of a larger movement to change our broken food system, learn about agroecological practices and/or share wisdom about growing food and herbal medicine. For more information, call 856 575 5511 or email⠀⠀⠀