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CATA’s work is focused around three issues:
Workers’ Rights, Immigration and Food Justice.

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CATA's Work: About Us

Workers' Rights

Derechos de los trabajadores





Food Justice

Justicia Alimentaria


Our organizers have been busy training on health and safety at the workplace.


Our interactive training for farmworkers at on-farm labor camps allows workers to discuss issues they see in their workplaces and what steps to take to resolve them.

During our trainings, we have spoken about: 

  • COVID-19 infection prevention

  • Pesticide exposure

  • Heatstroke

  • HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention 

The Pesticide Safety workshop was especially popular in Cumberland and Atlantic Counties in New Jersey. We talked about how to apply pesticides safely and the employer's responsibility to train workers yearly about the safe use of pesticides. 

Farmworkers' main concerns regarding pesticides were related to adequate personal protective equipment and farmers' obligation to place signs indicating the type of pesticide they applied on the crops. When workers know the name of the pesticide used, they could determine the time required to reenter the crop and have appropriate medical attention if exposed. 

We do free training near your workplace! Call us!

NJ: (856) 881-2507

MD: (410)572-5959

PA: (610)444-9696


Standard Driver's Licenses for all Regardless of Immigration Status!

The fight for Drivers' Licenses in Pennsylvania continues! Earlier this summer, the chair of the House Transportation Committee in the Pennsylvania State Legislature - Representative Tim Hennessy (Chester/Montgomery Counties), communicated with the Driving PA Forward Coalition that he was ready to vote HB 279 out of committee and towards a vote in the House of Representatives! He let us know that showing strong support from the Chambers of Commerce from around the state would be essential in achieving a positive vote for the bill.

So, over the past month or two, the Driving PA Forward Coalition has been working to outreach to businesses across the state to get their endorsements on the campaign and also to speak with our local chambers of commerce to get their endorsements. To date, the Coalition has gotten endorsements from 8 Chambers of Commerce across Pennsylvania, and in Chester County, we've worked over the past month to collect endorsements from 11 local businesses.

Can you support this effort?

If you know a business that would like to endorse the campaign, please sign on here!

Are you an individual who would like to support the campaign? Sign this petition!

You can also contribute financially to support the Driving PA Forward Coalition.

If you'd like more information on how you can get involved, please email Jessica Culley at

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