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Volunteer or Donate: What We Do

There are many ways in which you can become involved in actively supporting the work that CATA and its members are doing. Support from churches, community organizations, activists, and community members is necessary and essential to the immigrant community’s struggle to create long-lasting change. 

Join food Justice comittee.png
Join the movement

Join our Food Justice Committee

Take action now

CATA's Activism Group

Give now

 Undocumented Solidarity Fund

What else  can You Do?

  1. Host a house party to help raise money for CATA and spread awareness about the lives of farm workers

  2. Host a meeting and have a CATA representative or member speak at your organization

  3. Organize a fundraiser


If interested in organizing a house party or volunteering, please contact us at, or call our offices at 856-881-2507.


Donations to support CATA and are tax deductible.


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