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CATA board member Juan Garcia testified about harsh conditions. We then marched for worker justice in Newark, NJ! ✊ Want to join the fight for a stronger safety net for all workers? Join the Job Bridge Campaign!


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CATA’s news is a monthly informative and impact report that we send via email to update you on our initiatives, events, and progress and remind you just how much your contribution matters. We hope the content we prepare for you motivates you to act. The immigrant community needs your support.

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They pick your blueberries and peppers. But NJ doesn’t protect farmworkers from rising heat

““If the temperature outside is 95 degrees, it can be 15 or 20 degrees higher,” he said. “Imagine working at a temperature of 120 degrees and then get home and not be able to sleep because of the heat.” ” said Manuel Guzman, community outreach organizer of CATA’s Farmworker Support Committee in NJ. Via NJ Spotlight News


Aug. 31, 2023: Manuel Guzman, a lead organizer for the farmworker advocacy group CATA, speaks with migrant workers in Salem County. (Credit: Karen Yi/WNYC)

Crisis in Cumberland

“The thing is the mentality of an immigrant is you don’t want to miss a day to get a check-up because that means you are not getting (as much) money,” said Aquino Huerta, who is now a worker advocate at CATA - The Farmworkers Support Committee, a nonprofit educating immigrants and migrant workers in South Jersey. Via

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Edgar Aquino Huerta Farmworker Organizer for CATA, a nonprofit that provides assistance to immigrants in South Jersey.  Phil McAuliffe/For NJ Advance Media

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