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CATA Speaks Out: Urgent Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Updated: Mar 29

Over the past several months, immigration policy has been a prominent topic of discussion among lawmakers and politicians. There was even a bipartisan bill drafted to address certain immigration issues that quickly went nowhere in our ineffective Congress. And we saw that President Biden was considering proposing executive orders with reforms to the asylum process. These measure all fall exceptionally short of adequately addressing the urgent needs of immigrants seeking asylum and fail to provide any of the comprehensive immigration reforms that this country needs.


The principal points of discussion are to provide more enforcement at the border and put more restrictions on asylum seekers. This will leave countless individuals and families facing uncertain futures and unsafe conditions. Any reform to the asylum process must prioritize the protection and support of asylum seekers, recognizing their right to seek refuge from persecution and violence.


"Legislation and executive orders addressing piecemeal immigration issues are not the answer, and focusing only on issues at the border and asylum is not the answer. The last real immigration reform law was passed in the 1980s. Since then, Congress has failed to do anything to fix the current broken immigration system and instead now has resorted to just using immigrants as a pawn in their political games to hold onto power." - CATA General Coordinator Jessica Culley 


Our current immigration system is broken and dysfunctional and will only continue to get worse. We must advocate for comprehensive immigration reform established by legislative action that creates fair and humane immigration policies and recognizes the humanity and dignity of all immigrants.

"We need a comprehensive reform with a path to citizenship. We migrants have already shown that we do not steal or abuse. We have moved this country forward with our effort and work and with the payment of taxes. Human rights belong to all of us."– CATA Lead Organizer Manuel Guzman.

"You can't build a strong nation with weak immigration laws. It's time for comprehensive reform that honors our values, strengthens our economy, and upholds the dignity of all immigrants. El sol sale para todos, and we should be fighting together, not with each other. The system's biggest fear is our unity." - CATA Organizer Edgar Aquino-Huerta.

"The United States is a country built with immigrants and by immigrants. We have had Presidents, great congresswomen, and congressmen who were grandchildren and children of immigrants and valuable citizens. We believe that it's unacceptable and against the "Universal Human Rights Declaration" that, in the 21st century, for anyone to live with uncertainty independently of his/her immigration status." CATA Organizer Dr. Jean-Frandy Philogene

Want to contact your elected representatives about this issue? Use this link to get connected:

Meghan Hurley

Policy and Advocacy Organizer

CATA - The Farmworker Support Committee


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