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CATA Members Response to President Trump’s Executive Orders

The Farmworker Support Committee (CATA) and its members believe in an inclusive country that stands for tolerance and respect for all people, regardless of race, religion, country of origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and immigrant status. The actions of President Trump in his first week in office do not represent or create that kind of country. His executive orders calling for the construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and banning entry of refugees and citizens of specific countries only promote discrimination and continue to create strong divisions between the people in this country.

“The most important thing is that they respect us and they give us [immigrants and refugees] the opportunity to advance ourselves in our work and family lives. We are not going to tolerate a government that is discriminatory towards us. We are also a part of the development of this country and this country can’t develop economically without us,” said Efren Diego, president of CATA’s Board of Directors in response to President Trump’s executive orders.

We know that now is the moment to organize ourselves and lift up our voices, as many times as it takes, against the discriminatory policies that are currently being implemented. We need to be united in order to face what is coming in the future. We cannot think just of ourselves and in our own interests, we must see how we are all connected in the struggle for the greater good. It is our responsibility to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, including the Latino community, refugees, Muslims, the LGBT community, African-Americans, and any other group that comes under attack.

These recent actions and term of President Trump provide us with an opportunity to reflect on how we are going to live out our values. It gives us the opportunity to act in defense of these values and to seek out unity and justice for everyone.

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