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2024 Vision: CATA Empowers, Educates, Elevates Migrant Workers in NJ, PA and MD.

As the new year dawns, CATA Farmworkers stands poised to amplify its impact, advocating for migrant worker rights and building a more equitable future in 2024. From expanded healthcare initiatives to bold legislative campaigns, we're gearing up for a year brimming with purpose and progress.

Empowering Champions, Informing the Community

Our flagship "Workers Rights Ambassadors" program is evolving! In 2024, we'll host in-person training sessions on weekends to cater to migrant workers' busy schedules. These dynamic sessions will equip new Ambassadors with in-depth knowledge about combatting workplace abuses, protecting their fellow workers, and advocating for their rights.

Meanwhile, to ensure immediate access to support, we'll continue offering additional monthly office hours at convenient locations like Unidos para la Familia in Cumberland County , Con-Vivir Wellness Hub in Atlantic County, and PRAC of Southern NJ in Salem County. These sessions will provide one-on-one guidance on crucial topics like claiming the often-underrated right to paid sick leave, navigating the Farmworker Relief Fund application process, and obtaining driver's licenses.

By combining comprehensive training with readily available support, we're empowering future leaders and safeguarding the rights of every worker!

Amplifying Voices Through Art: A Vision for Farmworker Week 2024

We're dreaming big for Farmworker Week 2024! Imagine an art exhibit, "If The Soil Could Talk," showcasing the stories and struggles of our community through the lens of local artists' photography and artwork. 

Picture a popular Cafe in Bridgeton transformed into a space where vibrant expression amplifies the voices behind backbreaking labor, fostering empathy and understanding. 

While details like artists and venue are still sprouting, the vision is clear: to celebrate the unwavering spirit of migrant workers through a captivating canvas of art. 

RESPIRAR: Breathing New Life into Health Advocacy

In 2024, RESPIRAR takes a deep breath and dives even deeper into its mission! Building on the remarkable achievements of our year-long Maryland initiative, we'll continue tackling air quality disparities, advocating for improved living conditions, and empowering seasonal workers with crucial health knowledge.

From virus testing and air quality assessments to unwavering support for over 70 individuals, RESPIRAR shines a spotlight on structural inequalities and paves the way for equitable healthcare access. 

Expanding Horizons, Amplifying Impact

In 2024, CATA welcomes the Haitian community with open arms. We'll ensure our materials are translated into Haitian Creole and provide interpretation services at events to remove language barriers and foster inclusivity.

We'll also intensify our advocacy efforts to eliminate discriminatory laws against migrant workers in NJ, PD and MD, championing justice and equal treatment.

Recognizing the power of informed citizen participation, we'll launch a new electoral education program, empowering the Latinx community, especially young people, to understand the importance of their vote and actively participate in shaping their future.

Unwavering Advocacy, Collective Voice

CATA's dedication to legislative advocacy remains steadfast. From the "Driving PA Forward" campaign to our collaboration with the NJ Recovery for All Coalition, we'll continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform and uphold the rights of our community.

CATA Farmworkers' 2024 vision is one of empowering individuals, amplifying voices, and paving the way for a future where migrant workers are recognized, respected, and empowered. This journey requires collective action. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and ways you can join us in building a brighter future for farmworkers and our community!

Let's join forces and make 2024 a year of transformative change for migrant worker rights! Share this post, get involved in our initiatives, and spread the message of equity and justice. Together, we can create a world where farmworkers thrive, not just survive.

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