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Stand with us in New Jersey to fight for

Paid Leave Improvements: NJ aims to strengthen job protections and expand paid leave access. Learn more: 

Immigrant Community Support: Help secure permanent aid for NJ immigrants excluded from pandemic relief. Email

Improvements on New Jersey's Paid Leave laws

We will be advocating for stronger job protection policies and to expand access to paid leave to more employees across the state. 

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Support Recovery for All Coalition: Immigrant Protections

In NJ, grassroots fight for pandemic support. Recovery for All established Excluded NJans Fund with $40M. Governor Murphy proposes $53M fund in 2022 budget. Immigrant community seeks permanent safety net. Support Recovery for All:

In New Jersey, grassroots and community organizations have been fighting since the beginning of the pandemic for the state to take responsibility for providing support to communities excluded from other forms of pandemic assistance, such as the COVID-19 stimulus payments and Pandemic Unemployment.


As a result of the efforts of the Recovery for All Coalition, the Excluded New Jerseyans Fund was established with 40 million dollars, and in the 2022 budget, Governor Murphy has proposed the creation of an additional fund with $53 million. 

"The immigrant community needs the State of NJ to fund a permanent safety net. The Excluded New Jerseyan's Fund and the Governor's new proposed fund are welcome steps. Still, we know that to achieve equity, our community needs permanent relief that reaches as many people in our community as possible." Jessica Culley, CATA's General Coordinator.


If you'd like to support the efforts of the Recovery for All Coalition to win permanent protections for the immigrant community, send us an email at

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