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CATA Condemns New Asylum Restrictions: A Call for Humanitarian Values and Comprehensive Reform

As a non-profit dedicated to supporting immigrants, CATA strongly condemns President Biden's recent executive order tightening asylum restrictions. The order allows for Border Patrol to automatically deport asylum seekers who are seeking protection and enter the country without authorization if the number of migrant crossings surpasses a daily average of 2,500 over the course of a week.

This decision not only undermines our nation's commitment to humanitarian values but also exacerbates the challenges faced by asylum seekers at our borders. By making it harder for individuals fleeing persecution and violence to seek refuge, this policy fails to address the root causes of migration and instead pushes vulnerable people into more precarious situations. Furthermore, this is a political maneuver ahead of upcoming elections, sacrificing the well-being of asylum seekers for short-term political gain.

It is crucial to understand that asylum seekers are often fleeing life-threatening situations and have a legal right to seek protection under international law. We urge the Biden administration to reconsider this harmful policy and instead focus on implementing comprehensive immigration reform that respects human rights and ensures a fair and just process for all asylum seekers.

Do you want to contact your elected representatives about this issue? Use this link to get connected:

Check out CATA's statement on immigration that we released last month: "CATA Speaks Out: Urgent Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

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