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Tweet NJ Gov. Murphy TODAY. NJ Lawmakers Are Leaving Farmworkers Behind!

The current bill only raises farmworkers to $12.50 an hour by 2024 and then allows for state officials to stop any further increases if they so choose. Most workers get to $15 by 2024 and seasonal and small business employees get to $15 by 2026, we think farmworkers should be included in that group.

We are organizing a Twitter storm in response to NJ Gov. Murphy TODAY, February 1. Please send the tweets below to @GovMurphy with the attached image at 1pm EST / 10am PST.

Sample Tweets:

@GovMurphy Farmworkers should be guaranteed a $15 min. wage too. A quick amendment to the current bill can do that. The exclusion of farmworkers from labor protections is hardly new, but it’s disappointing to see it happen in the Garden State. #fightfor15 @CATAMigrantes

NJ legislators want a $15 min wage that leaves farmworkers behind. We want ALL workers to get $15. However, legislators have decided to perpetuate a long discriminatory history of exemptions for farmworkers. Tell @GovMurphy to amend bill before signing. #FightFor15

@CATAMigrantesNJ Leg. passed a $15 minimum wage bill that fails farmworkers. @GovMurphy can change that. Tell him to request an amendment to the bill before signing that guarantees farmworkers $15/hour by 2026. Tweet him now! #fightfor15 @CATAMigrantes

Farmworkers don’t have protected right to organize in NJ. Farmworkers are exempted from overtime in NJ. Now, NJ legislators want to exempt them from a $15 min. wage. Tell @GovMurphy to reject this & demand an amended bill to GUARANTEE farmworkers $15. #fightfor15 @CATAMigrantes

You can also send a message to the Governor here: and call: 609-292-6000

The UFW – @UFWupdates – will also be tweeting, so please feel free to use their tweets as well.

Even if you can’t join the twitter storm, please tweet at the Governor when you can. SI SE PUEDE!

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