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Take Action: Support the Values Act and Stand with New Jersey's Immigrant Community

The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice has been advocating for the passage of the Values Act in New Jersey, an important piece of legislation that would allow New Jerseyans to seek public services, stand up for their rights, and participate fully in their communities without fear of deportation. As a member of the NJAIJ, CATA has been supporting this campaign. To join us in advocating for the Values Act, you can take action here:

New Jersey already has taken first steps toward offering protections through the Immigrant Trust Directive which limits collaboration between local and State law enforcement and ICE. But these protections aren't permanent. The Values Act strengthens the Immigrant Trust Directive's provisions, creates additional safeguards, and ensures that sensitive information is not shared or collected at places like:

Public schools

Healthcare facilities

Public libraries

Shelters and more

Finally, the Values Act would remove the harmful, dehumanizing term "alien" from state documents and replace it with "non-citizen." With the Values Act all immigrant New Jerseyans who need support can do so with confidence that they belong and are protected.

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