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New Jersey's Standard Driver License Application Update

On Friday, January 15, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission finally approved the regulations and stated that they will begin issuing the standard driver's license on May 1.

CATA members, together with many other organizations across the state, have been fighting for this for many years since the standard driver license will be available to anyone who qualifies, regardless of their immigration status.

The NJMVC also announced that additional identity and residency documents will be accepted particularly those reentering society post-incarceration and unhoused communities.

Although this implementation is four months behind schedule, we are glad that this is finally moving forward, and efforts are being made to continue to expand access to a driver's license to more communities across the state.

At the same time, the NJMVC also announced amendments to the regulations, allowing for a third option that applicants can use to attest to the fact that they do not have a social security number. These amendments, which we strongly encourage the NJMVC to approve, will allow for more qualified people to apply for the standard driver's license.

This is a big win for the immigrant community in New Jersey, and CATA members will continue to fight so that everyone who is eligible to apply for a driver's license has that opportunity.

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