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Join the Fight for a More Inclusive Pennsylvania: Driving PA Forward Coalition's Season of Action

We are excited to announce that the Driving PA Forward Coalition is organizing a Season of Action and Prayer, from April to June, in our ongoing effort to push forward legislation that will make Pennsylvania a more just and inclusive state by providing access to driver's licenses for all.

Our goal is to lobby for this bill and make Pennsylvania the 16th state in the US to approve this common-sense legislation. We believe that providing standard driver's licenses to all Pennsylvanians will improve the Commonwealth for everyone while respecting the dignity of all families, regardless of immigration status. In addition, the proposed legislation will have numerous benefits, such as enhancing road safety, stimulating the economy, protecting privacy, and providing valid identification to everyone.

We are releasing action steps and prayers for the next few months, including lobbying days, demonstrations, phone banking, and more. So please follow us, stay tuned, and donate if you can. Together, we can make a difference and create a safer, more equitable Pennsylvania with driver's licenses for all.

Can you support the Driving PA Forward Coalition?

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