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CATA's Ongoing Advocacy Work

An important piece of the work CATA does is advocacy and social activism.

CATA members determine the issues that are important to them and work together to fight for the rights and policies they want to see in their communities.

All of CATA's advocacy work is done in coalition, working with other organizations to take collective action. Here are a few of the advocacy campaigns that CATA will be working on this year:

Improvements on New Jersey's Paid Leave laws - we will be advocating for stronger job protection policies and to expand access to paid leave to more employees across the state. More information can be found here:

Expanded Access to Driver's Licenses in Pennsylvania - the fight continues this year to pass legislation that would allow qualified drivers to access a driver's license in PA without a social security number. More information here:

Expanded Access to Unemployment in New Jersey - CATA will be working in coalition to expand access to unemployment benefits to workers who are currently excluded from the system.

Federal Immigration Policy - CATA is watching closely as federal immigration policy is being debated this year. CATA members have always advocated for comprehensive immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented community and more humane immigration policies.

If you'd like to support our activism work, consider donating to CATA or sign up to participate in our rallies by emailing Meghan at If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Meghan as well. Thank you for your support! 🌟🤝

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