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Growing Agents of Change: Meet Our Ambassadors for Food Justice

Updated: May 26, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce you to our 2023 cohort of Youth Food Justice Interns. These bright and passionate students have embarked on an empowering journey of learning, growth, and community impact through our Food Justice Program.

Our Food Justice Program has provided paid internships for high school students since 2021, enabling them to learn about sustainable agriculture and explore the complex web of food system injustices. In addition, our interns have the unique opportunity to cultivate crops in our community garden and engage in meaningful conversations about social justice issues.

Throughout this intensive 18-week program, participants have learned the rich history of C.A.T.A and farmworker movements, delving deep into the issues of oppressive power dynamics in their own lives, immigration in the U.S., and the transformative power of storytelling. By nurturing various plants, including tomatoes, hot peppers, cucumbers, onions, and herbs, our interns have come to appreciate the vitality of plants as living beings that require a solid foundation to thrive.

Our interns have also taken on the role of ambassadors for our Food Justice Program, reaching out to the community and passionately sharing their experiences and knowledge. Through their outreach efforts, they have invited our community members to join us at our weekly farmstand, fostering a stronger connection between the community and the principles of food justice.

Our 2023 Youth Food Justice Intern cohort is a diverse and talented group comprising youth who identify as Latinx and bring a range of experiences, including prior farming and gardening knowledge. Their collective passion for growing food and positively impacting the community shines through every action they take during their time with us.

If their journey inspires you and you want to learn more about our transformative Food Justice Program, we invite you to visit our website at Together, we can grow a more just and sustainable future!

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