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Economic Assistance for the Undocumented Community

During these times, many of our undocumented community members have lost their jobs, experienced reduced working hours, and have increasing healthcare costs all while being excluded from unemployment insurance and other federally funded COVID relief programs.

Through generous donations from supporters and allies, CATA fundraised $29,756 to be distributed in South Jersey and received another $157,000 from foundations for our community members in need across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. So far, we have been able to provide economic assistance to 180 families in these areas. We want to say thank you to the donors and the foundations that have made this possible: PA is Ready Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation, The NJ Pandemic Relief Fund, Justice for Migrant Workers, CFNJ - Kingsbury Fund, Community Fund of New Jersey, Emergent Fund of The Amalgamated Foundation, Food Chain Workers Alliance, and the Lawson Valentine Foundation. We will continue to distribute resources to families in need. If you know of someone you’d like to refer for assistance, you can contact us at 856-881-2507. You can also make a contribution to this effort here.

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