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Celebrating the Journey of Rigoberto Silva: A Passionate Food Justice Youth Leader

At CATA, young leaders are pivotal in fostering positive change within their communities. Today, we want to highlight the inspiring journey of Rigoberto Silva, our esteemed Food Justice Youth Leader, who worked diligently with us until last month, leaving an indelible mark on our organization and the communities we serve.

Rigoberto's journey as a Food Justice Youth Leader began with a spark of inspiration. Already involved in volunteering at another garden, he learned about the internship program at CATA's Community Garden in Bridgeton, NJ. The peaceful and therapeutic environment of the garden resonated with him, reminiscent of his parents' gardening practices in their village in Mexico. After a year as an intern, Rigoberto's dedication and passion led us to offer him the position of Food Justice Youth Leader, a role he embraced with unwavering commitment.

The path to success was with challenges for Rigoberto. With its vast array of information, agriculture can be overwhelming for anyone. Yet, Rigoberto demonstrated resilience by seeking knowledge from his peers, learning the art of patience, and understanding the intricate details of planting seeds at the right time and location.

Through his role as a Food Justice Youth Leader, Rigoberto witnessed profound personal growth and development. His awareness of the issues faced by migrant workers and immigrants deepened, and he realized the power of sharing information to empower others in their fight for their rights.

Rigoberto's journey was marked by gratifying experiences that strengthened his bond with the community. Engaging in community outreach and providing valuable information about food justice and environmental conservation enriched his understanding of the people he served, particularly the immigrant community.

Collaboration is at the heart of our work at CATA, and Rigoberto exemplified this spirit. Working closely with other community members and organizations, he helped young people embrace sustainable farming practices rooted in their cultures and ancestral knowledge, thus ensuring equitable access to healthy food.

Rigoberto offers valuable advice to those aspiring to become Food Justice Youth Leaders. He encourages them to soak up knowledge, connect with organizations, and learn from experienced peers. He also wants to highlight that the internship program at CATA equips young leaders with essential skills such as public speaking and crafting persuasive messages, enhancing their confidence to drive change effectively.

As Rigoberto embarks on new adventures, we sincerely appreciate his exceptional contribution to CATA. His presence was fundamental to the growth of our food justice program, and we do not doubt that his passion will continue to ignite positive transformations wherever he goes.

If you wish to connect with Rigoberto and learn more about his experience, you can reach him at Remember, every journey begins with a single step. Rigoberto's remarkable journey as a Food Justice Youth Leader is a testament to the power of dedication and passion in creating a more just and equitable world.

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