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CATA Wins the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Excellence Award

The Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Excellence Awards are presented each year to individuals, groups, and/or organizations that have established excellence and diligence, improving the availability and quality of civil legal services for low-income people and domestic violence victims in Pennsylvania.

"We are thankful for this recognition of our work with mushroom workers in Pennsylvania. Fighting for meaningful recognition of workers' rights requires a strong partnership between legal advocates and community organizers. All of us at CATA are thankful for the strong relationship we have had with Justice at Work and other legal advocates in the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Community," said Jessica Culley, CATA's General Coordinator.

"CATA strives to improve the working and living conditions of its members. CATA has been a leader in advocating for the health and safety rights of farmworkers and other low-wage workers for more than four decades. Their dedication to advocating for workers' rights is unparalleled, and their organization has educated and empowered thousands of workers across Pennsylvania as well as Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, CATA and its organizers were instrumental in winning protections for collective labor action, which had been previously denied to agricultural workers under the National Labor Relations Act. CATA was nominated by and has worked closely with Justice at Work PA. "Congratulations, CATA!" Stated Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network at the award ceremony.


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