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CATA'S Youth Food Justice Crew has nine new interns!

On July 6, 2021, we kicked off our Summer Youth Food Justice Internship. This season we have tripled the number of interns in the program. Now the program has 9 participants. The first week was a success. On the first day, students got a Health and Safety Training around working on extremely high temperatures and a tool safety training. The second day was a bit more challenging. Certain things are out of our control, like the weather. On this day, it was predicted that there would be a thunderstorm and lightning, so we had to change plans, but it all turned out ok. Students engaged in a lesson around courageous conversations and even got to act out some scenarios.

Kathia, Food Justice Coordinator and Erika Youth Food Justice Assistant have been working endlessly to ensure our youth get an excellent educational and hands-on experience with Food Justice. The program will run until the end of August. Some of the things planned during this internship include visiting a local lavender farm, herbal medicine workshop, learning about a local organization, and so much more.

If you would like to apply to join our program this fall, please send an email to

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