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CATA Denounces Recent Immigration Raids

CATA Declaration Against ICE’s Actions in January 2016

Beginning January 2, 2016, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 121 people in three states – Georgia, North Carolina and Texas. Many who were arrested were women and children. Immigration says they’re looking for people who are “priorities for enforcement” and/or individuals with previous deportation orders. What we really know is that most are from Central America and are not a risk to public safety.

CATA denounces these actions by the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security because they are focusing on terrorizing families and individuals, many of whom are in compliance with the orders of immigration; being present at appointments with immigration and some even being monitored with ankle bracelets.

“We understand that these actions by ICE are designed to rob people of their right to a fair hearing before an immigration judge and to spread fear in the migrant community,” said Jessica Culley of CATA. “It is the job of immigrant organizations like CATA to ensure that all people know their rights and to fight together against these injustices.”

We ask that our communities stay alert, but not be frightened. If you have information about the activities of Immigration, please call us so we can try to investigate. Our phone numbers are: 856-881-2507 in New Jersey, 610-444-9696 in Pennsylvania, and 410-572-5959 in Maryland.

Also, remember, do not open the door to anyone without knowing who it is. If a police officer or immigration agent arrives home, they have to show a court warrant through the window or under the door. They must have the name and address of a person who lives there on the warrant in order to enter. If they do not have this information, do not open the door.

We must be united and we invite you to stay in touch with CATA.

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