Unseen: Migrant Workers in South Jersey - A Photodocumentary Project

CATA Policy Manual - Analysis of Laws Affecting Farmworkers*

Still Unequal Access: Health Services Available to Migrant Farmworkers and their Families, Access Problems and Remaining Needs*

Valuable Community Members Report: The Overlooked Economic and Fiscal Contribution of Undocumented Immigrants*

    * These projects were accomplished by Summer Interns thanks to the Class of 1969 Princeton Community Service Fund


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Press Coverage of CATA Events / Projects

07-02-10: Protesters in Bridgeton- End Deportations!
06-10-10: America's forgotten migrant workers- BBC World News America Report
05-02-10: Rally protests Ariz. immigration law
05-02-10: Ariz. law at center stage of May Day rallies
04-30-10: Labor Rally In Kennett Square Set For 5/1

05-02-08: Immigrant Rally Tiny but Vocal (Bridgeton, NJ)
05-02-08: Immigration Reform Advocates March, but Movement has lost Steam
05-02-08: Thousands Rally in May Day Effort for Immigration Reform

03-31-08: Fair Trade at Home
07-25-07: Minnesota Organization Begins First Local "Fair Trade" Label
07-25-07: Fair Trade Certification Goes to the Local Farmer

07-19-07: Press of Atlantic City: Bridgeton Settles Lawsuit, Agrees Marchers Won't Have to Pay
07-12-07: Press of Atlantic City Editorial: Bridgeton March: A Tax on Free Speech
07-11-07: Vineland Daily Journal: City Calls Free Speech Suit "Baseless" and "Frivolous"
07-10-07: Press of Atlantic City: Farmworkers, ACLU sue Bridgeton over police bill
07-10-07: Vineland Daily Journal: Bridgeton Sued over May Day Parade Fee
07-10-07: Philadelphia Inquirer: Workers Sue Over Free Speech

05-02-07: Daily Local: About 100 Rally in Kennett Square
05-02-07: Delaware Online: Supporters of Immigrant Rights Take to PA Streets
05-02-07: Bridgeton Evening News: Yes We Can!
05-02-07: Press of Atlantic City: We Have a Right to Express Ourselves


02-28-07:CATA Declaration at Press Conference on Immigration in Trenton, NJ
12-18-06:Statement by CATA Board Member, Mariza Ibarra, at the United Nations on International Migrants' Day
09-07-06:CATA Declaration at Immigrant Rally in Trenton, NJ
07-05-06: Statement by CATA on the Current State of Immigration Reform
05-15-06: Statement of Response: President Bush’s Immigration Reform Speech
04-10-06:CATA Declaration at Immigrant Rally in Philadelphia, PA
04-01-06: Why Do We Support a General Amnesty?
03-14-06:CATA Declaration at Press Conference in Camden, NJ

Press Releases

07-09-07: ACLU-NJ and the Farmworkers’ Support Committee File a Lawsuit to Defend Free Speech Rights
04-16-07: Immigrant Workers Announce May 1st Events for Bridgeton, NJ
03-06-06: Driving Permit Declaration
06-18-04: Kaolin Workers' Union Wins BIG!
04-05-04: CATA's Response to New Immigration Reform Legislation
01-08-04: CATA's Response to Bush's Immigration Plan

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